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The two most popular graphic file formats featured on the World Wide Web are GIF and JPG. Practically all still images online are either one format or the other.
Both formats are designed to be cross-platform (usable by Macintosh, Windows, Linux, UNIX, and even DOS systems). Of the two, the JPG or JPEG format is usually the better for displaying artwork.
Around the metropolitan DC area, it's a relatively simple matter to digitize works for display on the Internet.
Most digital cameras are able to generate standard JPG-formatted images.
Traditional print and transparency/slide photographs taken with film can be scanned and translated onto disks or floppies in the appropriate digital formats. If the artwork is small enough (like 8x10) and the medium is one that won't leave the surface (unlike wet oils, charcoal and pastels!), it's sometimes expedient to simply scan the image directly with a flatbed scanner. The direct scan
of the small original also tends to capture the most detail.
Software programs like Photoshop allow artists to crop and further manipulate images before displaying them on the web.
A word of warning: One frequently overlooked factor in displaying artworks on the web is the viewer's equipment. Variables like monitor size and resolution, browser and ISP connection all combine to influence the quality of the images displayed. Because of these inherent differences, what the artist/web-poster sees is not always what the world-wide audience gets. The same piece that looks fantastic on one system might be seen only as so-so on another. Bummer.
Detail depiction and even color fidelity are across the board. Sadly, there is no getting around this aspect of display on the Internet. Simpler works with strong design seem to survive best; this consideration should affect the artist's selection for online display.

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This TAGlines online newsletter operates independently of and is in no way a substitute for TAGscript, the official membership newsletter of the Takoma Artists Guild (TAG). For more information on upcoming guild activities, call 301 891-7101 (ext 5657).